Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dating in the Dark host weds country singer

The premise behind Dating in the Dark is simple - stick fairly shallow,m gorgeous folk in a dark room with a potential unattractive suitor and watch them squirm about the possibility of finding a love match with a 'lesser specimen,' then try to get them to look past appearances and decide whether or not the emotional connection is enough to overlook the physical.

Host Rossi Morreale doesn't say whether the show makes him as cynical about love as the rest of us, but he has revealed that he loves his beautiful blonde - Kacey Coppola of twin sister country duo Kate and Kacey.

The couple were married in a barefoot beach ceremony Saturday, August 7th at the Grande Antigua Resort & Spa in St. John's in front of 60 guests. The wedding was co-officiated by Morreale's childhood pastor and an Antiguan marriage officer, and Kacey's sisters Kara and Kate served as Matron of Honor and Twin of Honor, respectively (Kacey served as Maid of Honor for Kate's Colorado wedding last year.)

This is the first marriage for Morreale and Coppola, who met on the set of Can You Duet in 2008 and were engaged in Playa del Carmen.


PHOTO CREDIT: William Cole

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