Saturday, August 14, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger calls off her engagement

On her hit Bravo reality show, Patti Stanger gets results as the Millionaire Matchmaker, but the never-married third-generation matchmaker has called off her engagement to businessman Andy Friedman.

"I want a kid now and Andy doesn't," Stanger explained to Life & Style. "My deal breaker has always been kids. Ever since our first date, he knew I wanted kids, and then something along the way changed. Andy's a great guy and we'll always remain friends, but he wants me to be something that I can't be. We're better friends than lovers."

Engaged on her birthday in May 2009, the wedding was initially set for 2010 but was pushed back when Friedman wouldn't commit to kids. Stanger is still convinced she'll be a mom - either through adoption or with some stepkids. "A good guy is out there for me, I know it," she says.

Source: LIFE & STYLE


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish you luck patti you will meet the right one . just look in the mirror and you will see. best always nana

7/3/12 12:27 PM  

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