Friday, August 20, 2010

Royal cousin claims William and Kate engaged already, will marry in July

A royal cousin is about to get a royal lashing - Prince Julius Eduard von Anhalt, Duke of Saxony, has told a British magazine that Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton are already engaged and plan to announce it this fall - with a July wedding date in the works.

Prince Eduard refused to provide proof of invitation and refused to give the exact date of the ceremony, saying it was confidential. Which, in my experience, means he should have just kept his mouth shut entirely. Guess the man needs money, even if his invitation to the wedding of the decade is about to be revoked. A German publication is now speculating that the ceremony could take place on July 29th - the same day Charles wed Diana in 1981.

According to Eduard, the pair were engaged over the summer after "Kate issued William with an ultimatum: we marry or we break up. There are obviously no more objections from the public, so the engagement is set for this autumn. The wedding is set for July."

However, a source close to Prince William last night threw water on the flames, saying, "This gentleman does not know what he is talking about. Prince William has probably not even heard of him. The engagement is still an if, not a when."

Guess those bookies still have something to shoot for, then!


PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Dunlea

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