Thursday, August 26, 2010

Robbie Williams had secret "honey half-moon" before wedding

Britain's The Mirror is reporting that before Robbie Williams married girlfriend Ayda Field at their home in Beverly Hills, he whisked her away to the Hotel La Residencia in Majorca, Spain - a former home of billionaire Richard Branson. The luxurious villa features a private hot tub, stunning sea views, and is set among olive and citrus orchards.

The couple honeymooned before the ceremony in order to avoid the media attention that would follow the announcement of the wedding. An insider tells The Mirror

"The couple wanted to luxuriate in being man and wife, away from prying eyes. They are both home-lovers at heart. Their pre-wedding break. Robbie was a real softie. He kept surprising Ayda with flowers, small gifts and notes the entire time."

Friends have reportedly dubbed their getaway "the honey half-moon."

The couple dined more than once at the hotel's El Olivo restaurant, and one night, the insider says, Williams serenaded Field in front of other guests and received a standing ovation.

Source: MIRROR

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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