Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Royal wedding bells to ring?

The buzz on when Britain's heir to the throne, Prince William, will wed his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, is growing larger, and it would seem that a royal wedding could happen within the next year, or possibly in 2011.

According to sources quoted on PopEater.com, Queen Elizabeth II has made it clear to her grandson that she wants him to have a princess at his side by the time of her Diamond Jubilee (that's 60 years on the throne) in 2012.

"The Queen is planning six months of celebrations leading up to the February anniversary of her coronation for herself and will not be upstaged by a royal wedding. This is her time to shine, no one else's," the source is quoted as saying.

Our opinion? A wedding between William and "Waity Katie," as the poor girl's been dubbed after spending the past eight years as the prince's one-and-only, would only serve to help the Queen celebrate her 60th anniversary at the top. Despite that disastrously receding hairline and huge old teeth, wealthy William landed a pretty, popular girlfriend and those that care, they want a wedding. Kate's injection by marriage into the royal family will only help their public image.

We think that a wedding is bound to happen, but why force them into it? God forbid they wait until they know for sure that they're ready; the family's been through enough divorces.



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